“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett - It’s about the help writing a book about how it feels to be helping the white people - Lauren L., grade 10


Puritans, Goths, avant-garde artists, hell-raising poets and fashion icon Coco Chanel all saw something special in it. Now black, that most enigmatic of colours, has become even darker and more mysterious.

“The Dust of 100 Dogs” by A.S. King - The Dust of 100 Dogs was a story about a female pirate, Emer, who is cursed with the dust of 100 dogs, forcing her to live 100 lives as a dog before coming back as a person.  When she comes back in the 1980’s, she needs to figure out what to do with her life.  It was very interesting, but a little confusing. - Jessica B., grade 8


“The Ghost and the Goth” by Stacey Kade - The Ghost and the Goth was a really funny book about a ghost who needs help moving on from her old life and a Goth who is one of the only people who can see ghosts.  Unfortunately, they hate each other. - Jessica B., grade 8




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“Catching Fire” by Suzanne Collins - Catching Fire, the second book in the Hunger Games series, was very interesting sequel to the first book, but I didn’t find it as good.  The book was better than the movie. - Jessica B., grade 8


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“The Giver” by Lois Lowry - This is an amazing book that is so differant at the same time. Once you get about half way through this book you can never stop reading it. I liked this book because it makes you wonder ALOT of thing! - Keya P., grade 6


savior of the wizarding world everyone

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